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The 4 Simple Reasons Why Cordless Roman Shades Are Used

Most people use roman styled window dressing for the appearance that it provides the room. Compared to the early days of the use of cellular shades, the present trend is to use cordless varieties.  The most impressive feature of the cordless types of blinds is that it can be opened out without having to pull at ties or cords to do so. There is equal ease in its closing action with another set of strings being used to up down blinds from Affordable Blinds.

Other then the convenience part to the cordless shades, there are some powerful operational aspects that people pay heed to when picking out a cordless type of cellular shade.

1. The cordless models are safe

Here it must be pointed out that with the cordless style of window cellular drapes, the common thread with the loop at the end would be missing from the ends of the blinds. The hanging loop can cause accidents to happen if it were to tangle with other items in the vicinity. It could lead to accidents and on the lighter side cause nuisance to the customer. Untangling of pull cables from different household equipment is an ever-present issue with the ripcords.

2. Much more attractive looking

The loop or cord to help grip the cellular shades during its opening and shutting does prove to be an eyesore most of the time. It does overhang the edge of the window sill an in effect gets in the way of whatever might be at the bottom of the cellular blinds online. People who have got to use the cordless type of cellular shades speak highly of the improved appearance of the window area in general and the fuller room as a whole.

Indoor Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades
Indoor Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


3. Ease of operation

There are mainly two working principles of the cordless style of cellular shades. The first is done with the help of tension springs that help remove a good part of the force needed to operate the shades. Thus the user is in control right through and decides as to how fast or how slow must the shades be drawn up or pulled down.

The second method used to affect a cordless mode of operation of the cellular styled shades is to use an electric motor to kind of winch up and drop down the window blinds. This does, of course, require a power source and a prime mover to create the motion. No doubt, this is a costly affair when compared to the alternatives available to be used, but this is at best the laziest way to operate the cellular low cost window blinds.

4. The cordless types of cellular shades are the rage

A lot of people would prefer a material or method of use for the simple reason that it is so the rage with the customers. The cordless operation roman shades have to be noted for their novelty factor and more importantly with the need to be seen using the latest of operating styles.

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